Columbia University Libraries Reference Internship

Project Identification

Jeffrey Griggs
LIS 698 Practicum/Seminar
Prof Tula Giannini
Fall 2010
Photo from Columbia University Libraries website:

Title: Butler Reference Services Internship
Abstract: This internship will explore contemporary reference services in a large academic environment. Emphasis will be placed on instructional themes in reference work, digital scholarship, and research in history and humanities. At its outset, the internship was to include work on an exhibit about electronic text and digital humanities scholarship. Because of complications, work on that project has been momentarily suspended. In its place, bibliographic instruction very quickly became the centerpiece of my experience at Columbia, and all observations, research, and analysis touches on the instructional nature of reference work, instead. The backbone of the project was weekly desk hours in 301 Butler, the heart of Reference Services in the History and Humanities Division of the library.

Nancy Friedland, Media, Film Studies & Performing Arts Librarian (site supervisor)
Bob Scott, Head, Digital Humanities Center (exhibit coordinator)
Anice Mills, Undergraduate Services Librarian (UWP library coordinator)
Butler Reference Services
History and Humanities Division
Columbia University Libraries
New York, NY